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Applied Behavior Analysis

Piano Therapy is a behavioral intervention that integrates behavior therapy with piano instruction.  The goal of piano therapy is to assist the individual with overcoming behavior challenges while acquiring the skills to play the piano and read music.


The integration of behavior therapy with piano instruction expands and enriches the present environment. This provides the individual with an effective method for not only improving problem behaviors, but also for developing new, socially significant behaviors. These new behaviors can potentially replace less desirable behaviors.  


A premise of piano therapy is:  Learning to play the piano is fun!  The piano itself stirs curiosity and inspires self-initiated learning.  Piano Therapy creates a fun environment that is personalized to the individual, motivates learning, instills confidence, builds self-esteem, and encourages smiles and laughter!  


Empowering the individual with the skills to play the piano may also serve as a spring board for development throughout their life.  The ability to play the piano may:  enhance or assist in developing relationships with family members, friends, and peers; provide a creative outlet for expressing emotion; foster further exploration of learning instruments; increase appreciation for music; or provide the individual with an enjoyable pastime.  


Piano therapy seeks to:

  • increase positive, adaptive behaviors, that includes playing the piano

  • reduce challenging behaviors and teach positive, alternative behaviors

  • teach functional communication skills

  • increase academic success

  • instill confidence and build self-esteem

  • enhance social skills

  • improve the quality of life of the individual and their family system

  • produce enduring changes that are generalized to various settings and environments in the individual’s life


Piano therapy is specifically tailored to fit the needs and abilities of each individual so that each individual may reach their highest potential.  Piano therapy focuses on assisting the individual with overcoming behavior challenges while acquiring the skills to play the piano and read music.  Music notation is a universal language.  Acquiring the skills to read music can open up another level of communication for both non-verbal and verbal individuals.


Skills developed during piano therapy may include:  reading music, fine motor skills, listening skills, sitting, oral motor, vocalization/singing, auditory processing, referencing, reading, counting, matching, spacing, concentration and attention span, coordination, gross motor skills, rhythm, bilateral coordination, memory, expression of feelings.


Piano Therapy Plus believes developing the skills to play the piano empowers the individual to expand their potential and enhance their quality of life.  Piano Therapy Plus offers individual therapy, parent training, and consulting services.


All therapy sessions are conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).


Piano therapy is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Applied behavior analysis is the application of scientifically based methods to improve socially significant behaviors.  For a detailed explanation of applied behavior analysis, please visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website:  http://www.bacb.com/index.php?page=2 .


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