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"ABA with a Twist"

Applied Behavior Analysis

Piano therapy parent training integrates behavioral parent training with piano instruction.  The goal of piano therapy parent training is to assist parents with overcoming the behavior challenges of their child while acquiring skills to engage their child in playing the piano. Acquiring the ability to utilize a piano assists the parent in creating a fun, productive environment that motivates play, develops communication, encourages closeness, as well as inspires kisses, hugs, and laughter!


Interacting with a child that has behavior problems or developmental issues can sometimes become frustrating and stressful for both parent and child, as well as family members.  Parenting a child with unique needs requires specialized knowledge and ongoing skill development.  This knowledge empowers the caregiver to help the child overcome their difficulties, manage the complexities of daily life, and create a healthy family environment.  


Piano therapy parent training may help parents acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively parent and play with their child.  Parent training may assist with: overcoming daily parenting challenges; acquiring skills to help the child reach their goals; enhancing the relationship between parent and child, as well as between other family members and the child; and reducing stress and frustration.


Piano Therapy Plus believes that helping the child reach their goals requires the commitment and collaboration of parents, family members, care givers and therapist.  Piano therapy parent training is individualized to fit the needs of the parents, child and family system.  


Home visits may be arranged for homebound individuals, additional charges apply.  


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