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"ABA with a Twist"

Applied Behavior Analysis

Piano therapy is specifically tailored to fit the needs and abilities of each individual so that each individual may reach their highest potential.  Piano therapy focuses on assisting the individual with overcoming behavior challenges while acquiring the skills to play the piano and read music.  All therapy sessions are conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).


Piano therapy strives to create an atmosphere that:  inspires confidence, builds self-esteem, encourages smiles and laughter, and promotes FUN!  Piano therapy believes a fun learning environment is personalized to the individual, stimulates curiosity and encourages self- initiated learning.  


Every client receives a thorough assessment.  Opportunities are identified, goals are established and an individualized program is developed.  Progress and goal attainment are continually monitored  and evaluated through ongoing data collection.  Sessions are tailored to provide the greatest benefit to the individual.


Skills developed during piano therapy may include:  reading music, fine motor skills, listening skills, sitting, oral motor, vocalization/singing, auditory processing, referencing, reading, counting, matching, spacing, concentration and attention span, coordination, gross motor skills, rhythm, bilateral coordination, memory, expression of feelings.  


Music notation is a universal language.  Acquiring the skills necessary to read music may open up another level of communication for both non-verbal and verbal individuals.


Parents and/or caregivers are provided regular updates and engaged in an open dialogue.  Ongoing communication ensures accurate information on progress and helps to provide consistency when dealing with behavior challenges.


Piano Therapy is offered at different session lengths and frequencies.  This flexibility allows for more effective program development and maximum benefit for the individual.


Session lengths:

  • 30 minute session

  • 45 minute session

  • 1 hour session

Please discuss appropriate session length with your therapist.

Arriving early may be recommended to allow for transition time.  


Session frequency:

Session frequency can range from 1 time per week to 4 times per week.   Progress is heavily determined by regular sessions.  Please discuss the appropriate frequency with your therapist.


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Complimentary Visit:  To learn more about Piano Therapy Plus call to schedule a complimentary visit. with the therapist.  


Phone:  954-417-7005.


Location:  Piano Therapy Plus is located in Davie, FL.  Please see our                                  page for directions and additional information.  


Home visits may be arranged for homebound individuals, additional charges apply.


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6521 Orange Drive, Davie, FL 33314


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