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"ABA with a Twist"

Applied Behavior Analysis

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Piano Therapy was developed by:  

Mary-Debra Pawlowski, M.S., BCBA.


Mary is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) specializing in autism spectrum disorders and other neurobehavioral developmental disorders.  She graduated from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a Master’s of Science in counseling with a specialty in advanced applied behavior analysis.  


Mary completed her practicum requirements at The Mailman Segal Institute, Nova Southeastern University and at The University of Miami.  While at The Mailman Segal Institute, Mary participated in Starting Right, an early intervention program for children from birth to 3yrs and their parents.  Mary gained valuable experience in early intervention behavioral programming and parent training.  While at The University of Miami Mary was a member of an autism focused research team.


Mary began developing Piano Therapy in 2005 to meet the needs of individuals and families living with behavior issues and developmental disabilities.  Mary believes that incorporating behavior therapy with piano instruction affords an effective method for not only improving problem behaviors but also for developing new, socially significant behaviors.  The integration of behavior therapy with piano instruction expands and enriches the present environment  providing the individual with new opportunities to develop appropriate behaviors.  


Incorporating behavior therapy with piano instruction lays a unique foundation that the individual may build upon as their life progresses.   For example, empowering the individual with the skills to play the piano may:  enhance or assist in developing relationships with family members, friends, and peers; assist in the acquisition of academic skills; provide a creative outlet for expressing emotion; foster further exploration of learning instruments; increase appreciation for music; or provide the individual with an enjoyable pastime.


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6521 Orange Drive, Davie, FL 33314


Piano Therapy Plus

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